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natural evolution

Innovative design,

scientific avant-garde

Thanks to innovative design, flexibility, and extra delicate, smoothed, and ergonomic 0,1 mm micro bristles made of Tinex®, Piuma Brush can deeply clean every part of the mouth, for a perfect smile even where you can’t see! Science and technology combined in an award-winning design completed by beauty to produce the ideal tool for your oral hygiene.

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Functionality meets aesthetics

Clean tongue

A delicate massage, a multi-sensory experience for perfect tongue cleaning

Made in Italy

Piuma Brush is 100% made and controlled in Italy in our factories. We monitor the production process with periodic quality checks and certificates against GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) and ISO standards.


Piuma Brush handles are made of totally recyclable and antibacterial materials (approved by the FDA) that improve durability and prevent mold formation.
The production process is environmentally respectful and uses green technology. We strive every day to lower our carbon footprint and contribute to developing a sustainable and clean world

Streamlined brush head

Can reach every part of the mouth, for careful cleaning action

Delicate brushes

Premium micro-bristles made of Tynex® (0.1 mm) built to avoid gum irritations and grant maximum cleanliness.
Two versions available: medium, soft, with the typical V cut to maximize tooth cleaning action

Flexibility and comfort

The handle, longer than on a normal toothbrush, is incredibly flexible to make the toothbrush gentler on gums.

Sterile and ready to use

Packaged in a controlled atmosphere to grant the maximum hygiene

Easy to handle more then ever

The ergonomic handler allows an ideal 360° grip

Piuma Base

With its iconic and award-winning shape, the base turns the toothbrush into a real decor item, allows you to place the toothbrush on any surface and – thanks to its calendar – it reminds you when it’s time to change your toothbrush.


Buy it once; it lasts forever!


Patented system designed to remind you when it’s time to change the toothbrush

Made in italy

Designed and produced with the best materials and a deep R&D activity

Drain hole

No water stagnation to improve your restroom’s hygiene

Non-slip rubber

Stability and containment

100% recyclable

Made of recyclable, innovative, and internationally patented materials

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