Piuma B-Active®


After receiving two important international awards for the design of its “Piuma Brush” toothbrush, the Venetian oral care company is now relaunching its range by customising its bristles: there are bristles with a germicidal effect, whitening effect and with vitamin C. The owner, Michele Longato: “We are at the avant-garde in offering this new technology”.

After the great success of the innovative “Piuma Brush”, the award-winning toothbrush with a unique Made in Italy design, the company that created “Piuma Care”, based in Noventa di Piave, in the Venice area, is now launching other technological innovations for the smile care.

In addition to the current toothbrush bristles, made from antibacterial materials, which are among the most efficient and gentle available, there are also activated carbon bristles, made from a 100% natural wood carbonisation process, which have the natural effect to Whitening teeth. Not only that, there is also a toothbrush with fluoride bristles that maintain the pH balance of the mouth, strengthening the demineralised parts of tooth enamel. But that’s not all. There are even plans for a toothbrush with vitamin C bristles, with all the well-known positive properties for the immune system and a much sought-after antiviral effect. These innovations are made possible thanks to eco-nylon bristles, which use raw materials from renewable sources, made with an eye to the environment and ecology, because they also come from recycled plastic.

“It took a lot of hard work, but in the end we are proud to present our collection,” explains the owner of Piuma Care, Michele Longato. “Many of the products are absolutely unique and avant-garde in their design. We respond to all needs: all those who have sensitive gums, teeth that have lost their natural white, bad breath, germs in the oral cavity or irritations, can now have their own specific toothbrush, with specially designed bristles. Each one has its own colour, which also has an aesthetic advantage. Gold bristles are for vitamin C, grey bristles are for activated charcoal, and white bristles reinforce tooth enamel, in addition to the ones already in the catalogue which are rounded black to be among the most delicate and gentle in the world. We can afford these customisations because we work on a quality and exclusive product”.

Piuma Care was founded by Longato, a manager who, after professional experience in various multinationals in the United States and Japan and work in the family business (Stampoplast, which operates in the processing of plastic materials), founded the company, which specialises in oral care products, made with innovative design and engineered with cutting-edge technology. All production is carried out in the company’s own factories and the choice of materials and partners is totally made in Italy.

Piuma’s patents, already on the market, are receiving international recognition. The most important was the award won by the Piuma Brush toothbrush, designed together with Hangar Design Group: an honourable mention at the 26th edition of the Compasso d’Oro, the most sought-after competition for those working in the world of design (it has existed since 1954). But the company also won the 2019 Product Design Red Dot Award: 5,500 products from 55 different countries were nominated. The Piuma toothbrush is also on display at the Museum of Science and Technology in Milan, as part of the Adi (Industrial Design Association) selection: it is considered a furnishing accessory because of the care taken in its design. This is thanks to the base, which contains a date indicator that warns when it is time to change it, a sort of hourglass that guarantees perfect hygiene. In addition, all the materials used are Fda compliant for the US market, guaranteeing extremely high levels of antibacterial hygiene.

It has to be said that Piuma Care has set itself the goal of creating an ecosystem where oral hygiene and design come together in a lifestyle renamed “Piuma Way”. The company was also the first to offer a toothpaste in a package equipped with airless technology, which is usually used for more sophisticated creams. Finally, on the new product front, it has also recently created a mouthwash, which comes in a revolutionary aluminium pack to underline its ongoing focus on the environment.