Our patented oral-care products are
designed to enhance your smile every day.
PIUMA products’ approach and philosophy
arise from the balance between effectiveness,
science, and beauty.






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Smile routine

To get started choose the bristle that’s right for you!

B-Active® bristles
Choose form soft or medium bristles or between antibacterial or vitamin C bristles

New bristles coming!

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Show your style, choose your color, and then brush your teeth for two minutes with the brush type you prefer!

Piuma Brush + Base
Science and technology together have created an innovative toothbrush that is a real interior design element. Thanks to its unique bristles and flexibility, Piuma can deeply clean ever part of the mouth, even where you can’t see, for a perfect smile!

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Last but not least, the mouthwash! Did you know that mouthwash provides triple oral-hygiene effectiveness?

Fresh / Fresh Mint
Choose FRESH for long-lasting freshness and anti plaque action.
It reduces the bacterial load in your oral cavity and completes your smile routine with an Aloe Vera formula enrichment.

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The perfect balance between design,
delicacy and effectiveness.
Piuma Brush, the toothbrush natural evolution.

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